Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The last few months

Before getting back to regular blogging, a brief update on the last few months.

SALA EXHIBITION; For the South Australian Living Artist's Festival, Dianne & I decided to show some of our new work in Adelaide. Neither of us have exhibited here in our home town in 4 years, so a 8 day exhibition in our recently renovated studio was organised. To title the venue we created "Cube Contemporary Art Projects", not as a permanent venue, just as a "pop-up" project.

Dianne's exhibition "Noir" allowed her to exhibit the recent development in her art locally, as none of this work has been seen here.

My exhibition "Useless Beauty" was a preview of about half of the paintings for my upcoming Melbourne exhibition with Charles Nodrum Gallery. As I said, I haven't shown my art here for 4 years & not for trying. The last 2 years asking my representing gallery "Hill Smith Fine Art" for a solo show, with Sam Hill Smith saying...."urhhh...errr..No".

Net result of previewing my art here was a nasty letter from Hill Smith Gallery, for both Dianne and myself. What a complete and utter fucking shit for brains dickhead!

Studio Renovations; In July, after a month of cleaning out the studio, I employed my nephew George to paint the gallery rooms of the studio a new colour (Shale , Porter's Paints) & a custom made salmon pink colour for the entrance wall.


Stefan Maguran said...

Dear Dianne and Jim!
You created displeasure to Hill Smith Gallery with your exhibition. On the other hand, you provided sheer delight to many, the ones that had the chance to visit it. I think this must please you and tip the balance in the right direction. Their venom should be addressed to themself, a measure of both their inability to match the consumer’s needs with their selections and of not being able to admit it with professionalism and grace.

Do not forget that the refusal to include the ‘unfitting ones’ by the jury of the Salon, created Le Salon des Refuses, and the rest is history. The only answer they deserve from you, is for you to organise an exhibition on your premises every year, and there will no need to tell them to go....readjust to living in the real Adelaide art reality.

Cheer up, both of you, you did upset the apple cart, but it deserves it, as it started to turn into apple vinegar some long time ago!

Keep up the great work and be happy knowing that we, the consumers, love your art!


Mihaela Maguran

K. Henderson Art said...

Gallery owners! Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em

Susan E. Roden said...

Nice to see your progress with art on the walls Jim. And the art is stunning!

Sharon Knettell said...

Its the BUNNY!

it lives!

Are you the Noodle and Cookie wanker?