Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 New Paintings on the go.

When you get back to painting after a long recovery from illness you might as well push yourself to try to get to higher level. 4 new paintings are on the go, all complex, all outside my comfort zone & all need to be completed by early May.

A small study and a larger painting of the Skipping Girl neon sign, both destined for Melbourne. The larger version, if completed on time will be for a curated exhibition called "High Definition - the state of Australian painting in a post-digital age" at the hip new gallery Paradise Hills. The exhibition opens on May 6 and is giving me the a fair bit of time-line stress.

The third painting is of the top of children's sideshow ride, an elephant sitting on a pink pillow against a burning sky. The working title for the painting is "I'm just happy to be here" and the elephant does look happy and all shiny. It's destined for Perth for Greenhill Galleries annual Squared exhibition in June.

The final painting will be the most complex of all to pull off, a parrot's skull on a pile of vintage alphabet blocks, in a dome & against the sky. The skull, dome, alphabet blocks and sky all have multiple meanings and the each alphabet block/image also has a meaning or more. I'll blog about this particular painting later, the how, the why of everything to do with it. I had an idea and it meant I had to find all the props fairly quickly. The dome was the easiest, the best score was getting the huge set of vintage alphabet blocks in their original wooden box on Ebay for $14.55 + postage. The hardest was getting a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's skull and I cannot say that the South Australian Museum helped out because they didn't want it getting out, which made sense at the time. However, as I walked out of there into the bright light and away from the strange smells of chemicals and numerous draws of dead things, I wondered, why? it's inconceivable word will get out and they'll be inundated with people wanting parrot skulls?

Anyway, from the photo above you can see I'm having fun trying to set it up.


Nicola Moss said...

They all sound like amazing paintings Jim, good luck with the deadlines.

ggoodrich said...

I definitely feel the same way when I just recovered from sickness, I want to achieve a good painting on a top notch level and feels like I don't want to stop painting.
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