Thursday, August 2, 2012

Luna Plena Luxography

I recently joined a small group of photograpers who go out together during each full moon to use it as a source of light for long exposure night photography. 

Luna Plena Luxography is the term I coined to describe it.

Luna Plena Luxography 

Full Moon in Latin is "Luna Plena" and there is no direct Latin translation for the word 'photo', however the latin word for "light" is "lux." "Photo" is derived from Greek - the Greek word "phos" means "light." The word "graph" also comes from a Greek word meaning "to draw.", hence photography.Luna Plena Luxography literally would mean "Full moon light drawings", or full moon photography.

This photo was taken using the light from the full moon, helped slightly by the light of a passing train.

Initially the reason I started experimenting with long exposure night photography was to get some interesting images so that I could use them as a basis for very highly detailed small drawings in charcoal. The full moon not only lights the scene, but also of prime importance to me also lights up the sky and the clouds creating beautiful and eeire images.

A few years back, whilst in Melbourne, I had lunch with the artist Rick Amor and at the time he stressed artists should work in a variety of media, in his case paintings, drawings, prints & bronze sculptures. 

So, this is the year my whole range of artworks could expand to include oil paintings, drawings, etchings, sculptures and now small photos in small editions. The sculptures are fun pieces, literally small piles of paint scrapings on mini plinths inside glass domes, as if they were highly coloured clouds that have landed.

The long exposure night photography started out as experiments towards getting images for drawings and now has me thinking that they should also used as photos in their own right?


Carol Ann Fitzgerald said...

Beautiful Jim :)

Pierre Raby said...

What an interesting project Jim. Good to see you back!

Stefan Maguran said...

Why not then call it:

πανσέληνος φωτογραφία?

Beautiful work.

Geordie Gardiner said...

Hi Jim,

Love the photographs especially the two in colour.

You obviously released the shutter before the train passed, did it have a few carriages or many?

There is a photograph presently on the first page of one of my Blogs that you might be interested in seeing. It is also a photograph that was shot with a long exposure.
The photograph was entered into a top American Photographic competition and won a top prize.

I studied documentary photography in Newport South Wales when David Hurn was head of department & I think where photography is concerned I know a little about what I am speaking about & in the case of the photograph in question a vehical looks to be travelling forward to me, could be wrong have a look & let me know your thoughts.

Follow the link below:

Thanks for your time

All the best
Geordie Gardiner

Mike Barr said...

Hi Jim
Good to see you back on deck again.
What a great idea with the luna thing - there is something soft and cool about the light and shadows of the moon that has beguiled me for as long as I can remember.